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Improve SharePoint User Adoption – Part 3

Ask the Users Another point of failure is thinking what a department needs rather than asking the source.   Take the time to sit down with each department or business unit and ask the question "what do you want SharePoint to do for you".  There are going to be things that the company wants on each…
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Improve SharePoint User Adoption – Part 2

No Plan I would have to say the biggest reason that a SharePoint implementation fails is that companies do not take the time or want to spend that money on creating a plan.   What happens is a company says I hear SharePoint is great and can do all these things for our business so they…
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Improve SharePoint User Adoption – Part 1

Lack of Knowledge This is not the users fault, if you do not know the capabilities or features of SharePoint you don't know what it can do and how it can benefit your work life.   You might see SharePoint of a hindrance or harder to use then the method previously used.  Take a shared drive…
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