SharePoint Branding

Branding is an essential task most companies are unable to tackle effectively. To make matters worse, many brand managers do not realize their faults until it’s too late. At SharePoint Solutions Group, we are dedicated to your branding needs. That’s why we want to ensure we bring an array of expertise to the table, ensuring your satisfaction.

We work closely with you to ensure each decision made reflects well in your branding decisions. Turning SharePoint into a well-branded and cleverly designed digital experience is a multidisciplinary endeavor. It involves both traditional, creative, web design skills, and technical SharePoint development expertise. However, with our team of branding experts, no SharePoint Branding task is too big or complex.

When it comes to supporting your brand, it’s essential you have experienced designers working for you. After a consult session with a branding consultant and a SharePoint branding consultant, our team will help you make your branding efforts more exuberant than ever. With attention to your branding initiatives, business objectives, and vision, our team brings your custom visualization to life.

SharePoint user interface design is the key to the success of both SharePoint intranet and public website solutions. Our close-knit team of designers, developers, and testers work closely together during this process to deliver the perfect customize SharePoint look.

Our aim is to deliver the best possible results and satisfaction for intranet and internet SharePoint sites. That’s why we take time to create, modify and perfect every solution. As the content moves from one department to another, each department adds their own touch of class and refines your brand to ensure you and your customers experience maximum impact.

SharePoint Branding features

  • Master Pages
  • Style Sheets
  • Corporate Design
  • Usability Testing