Online SharePoint Training

At SharePoint Solutions Group, we understand the busy life you and your employees lead. We understand on-site training is not always the most viable option. With a drive to offer you only the best in SharePoint training, we offer instructor led online training sessions.

With our online SharePoint training modules being taught by industry experts, we know we will be able to provide an unmatched online SharePoint training experience. Here is a closer look at our online instructor led training service.

What makes our online SharePoint training truly unique is that it gives you the best of both worlds. It offers world-class instructions from a live instructor and the freedom and convenience of a virtual classroom.

The combination gives you the ability to participate with hands-on labs without worrying about commuting to a physical location or even travelling around the world. Our classes simulate the traditional classroom environment, providing lectures, labs and hands on exercises, while taking it a step further with online functionality.

Using virtually any web browser, our online SharePoint training gives you the power to connect to your classroom and enjoy the guidance of a world-class SharePoint instructor. You will be able to follow the instructor’s presentation and receive answers to questions you can ask them in real-time. But that’s not all.

You can also view demonstrations, share your applications and practice what is learned in hands-on exercises. We give you the power to enjoy your classes your way and learn at a pace that is perfect for you. The structure of our classrooms gives you the best online SharePoint training experience, while the use of a live online instructor takes the classes up a notch.