SharePoint Collaboration

We want to ensure you not only have a great way to enter, store and record your data, but handle it as well. As such, we want to ensure you can share information just as easily as you store it. Thanks to enhancements to the SharePoint collaboration and social computing features in SharePoint Server over the years, you can now do a lot more than ever before.

These features empower enterprise users like yourself and allow you to share information easily with others in the organization. Whether it is team collaboration or department collaboration, we can help you interact, share and collaborate with experts in specific subject areas using features like Community Sites’ and micro blogging. Combined with numerous enterprise collaboration features, we help you share information across your entire enterprise easier than ever before.

To get started, simply call us and a SharePoint consultant will discuss the finer details of SharePoint collaboration with you. They will discuss your business needs with you and how the features of SharePoint can work for you. Together with you, we will ensure the creation, implementation and maintenance of SharePoint collaboration.

At SharePoint Solutions Group, we help you find a completely optimized way to perform a number of activities. These activities include, but are not limited to:

  • The management of personal profiles
  • The storage of data of your choice
  • Continuous updates, with specific activities of interest using My Site

SharePoint Collaboration

At SharePoint Solutions Group, we offer a host of services to ensure efficient SharePoint collaboration. The services offered under SharePoint collaboration include, but are not limited to:

  • Stay Connected through portals
  • Keep connected and informed
  • Maximize intelligence of your organization
  • Communities
  • Micro blogging & Feeds